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Labeerinth (Complete Set)


LABEERINTH – the drinking Game for serious players.

LABEERINTH is the most advanced drinking game on the market – 54 elaborate mini games with 1 goal in mind : To get you wasted! LABEERINTH comes with 10 chips ready to be personalized using a variety of 20 stickers. The game also includes 8 custom drinking cups with a sip-indicator to avoid cheating.

WARNING : LABEERINTH is not a game for beginners, this game should only be played with confirmed beer-buddies

1. Scan the QR-Code on the map for the
General Rules + Rules of each field.

2. Designed for 2 to
up to 8 (serious) players.

3. Enjoy getting
stratospherically smashed.

What’s included?

The Map

8x Cups


Chips Bag

10x Chips

20 Stickers